Front-end Developer / Designer

  • Voquludis

    Voquludis, is a free iOS & Android app that helps you enrich your English & French vocabulary with a quizz. You can then access the definitions and the words you unlocked in the glossary.

  • Yagol

    Yagol is a Conway's Game of Life sandbox game made with react.
    Customize the different options then create, share and watch your shapes evolve.

  • Granim.js

    Granim.js is a small open-source javascript library that allows the user to easily create animated and interactive gradients animations with a small configuration.

  • Bot en Stock

    Bot en Stock is a Twitter bot that post cool pictures/GIFs every 2 hours.

  • i18n-zipcodes

    International zipcodes validator based on Regex for Node.js and the browser.

  • Le Web'13

    This page is a summary of LeWeb event's main figures.
    This project was made as part of a context to win a ticket to go to this event.